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About Us
The Fogg family have farmed at Park Farm since the 1930’s.
Situated in the Erewash Valley between Derby and Nottingham it extends to approximately 250 acres.
Bill Fogg bought Park Farm from the Hopwell estate in 1937. It was farmed as a mixed farm with son Dennis Fogg until the late 1960’s when the diary herd was sold and the land was drilled with cereals.
Dennis’s son Adrian joined the business in the late 1980’s and in the mid 1990’s the first grass for 30 years was drilled for horses.
To supplement the farm business a contract baling service was started which now includes round and square baling plus all associated jobs with hay and haylage making.
Park Farm is now run by Adrian and his wife Rebecca.
Having made haylage for other people for a number of years, the first square baled haylage for our own horses were made 5 years ago.
We tentatively made 90 bales. Due to this initial success and the ability to sell a quality product we have rapidly expanded making 2500 bales this year (2010) and aiming to make 4000 next year.
We now use a grass seed mix especially made for ourselves and are confident enough in our product to guarantee every bale.
Although hay haylage and straw sales are now the mainstay of our business, we also have expanded our contracting business having just upgraded the square baler and run a DIY livery yard, caravan site and still have a small area of cereals.
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