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Park Farm produces hay and haylage especially grown for the equine market. We use a special seed mixture of ryegrass from Hacketts of Ashby mixed for our requirements and grown for two years.
We make predominantly first cut haylage and some second cut mixed with first and second cut hay.
Supplying haylage nationwide we make two sizes of square bale.
Our most popular bale is 80cm wide x 90cm high x 1.2m long.
We also supply an 80cm wide x 90 cm high x 1.8m long haylage bale.
80cm wide x 90cm high x 1.2m long
80cm wide x 90 cm high x 1.8m
We also supply in the same large bale size hay and straw. This size of bale offers significant cost savings over small baled hay and straw. Also available - round baled hay, haylage, straw and shavings.
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